Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

For several years I’ve had the vision of starting a digital marketing agency, but was not quite sure where to begin. 

The History of Nifty

In 2017, I founded Nifty Fifty Films with a past business partner. The name derives from the nickname of a popular lens in the film community, the 50mm prime “nifty fifty”. We started out shooting weddings and events for churches and nonprofits. We were putting out exceptional videos for our clients, however, the wedding and event industry is extremely saturated. During the process of building our business, we found that our passions were leading us in different directions. Apart from film, I am also passionate about building brands. These passions have led to the creation of a digital marketing agency. In 2019, I partnered with Will Raines and rebranded the business to Nifty Fifty Solutions.

Digital Marketing Redefined

Nifty Fifty Solutions is a full service digital marketing agency that services small to medium sized businesses. We’ve been able to help companies build a voice for their audience, generate leads, and optimize websites to rank on the first page of Google. As a digital marketing agency, we are multi-faceted in the problems we can solve for our clients. In the current marketplace, having a strong digital presence is just as important as your storefront. Whether it’s your ranking on Google, needing a visual story that represents your brand, or needing to connect with your clientele better, the opportunities are endless with Nifty Fifty Solutions.

Solutions We Provide

Could your business have a stronger digital presence? Email me at preston@niftyfiftysolutions.com and we can begin the conversation of growing your audience online. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs for more helpful tips.