Why use video in your Marketing Strategy ?

By 2022, more than 86% of all content consumed online will be video. Whether it is scrolling through social media, YouTube, or videos on websites, video is king.

How we utilised Videos ?


A strong brand has a strong identity. Videos can tell the story of who you are and what you're about. Videos are an effective tool in building a strong brand identity.


Having your biggest ambassadors share how your product or service changed their lives is one of the best forms of advertising. Think of it as a five-star review on camera.


Video advertising is proven to be the most effective form of digital advertising across all platforms. There will never be a shortage of video advertising needs.

Informational posts

Educating your current followers and prospective leads on how your product or service solves a problem is essential in building trust.

How we utilised Videos ?

Kizziar Campaign

Health Insurance DUO

Inspire Chiropractic

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