If you couldn’t tell by the title already, big things are about to happen here at Nifty Fifty Solutions. We have been pondering the idea to start a YouTube presence pretty seriously since Preston and I chatted in a coffee shop about it back in November 2020. To be quite honest, we aren’t really sure yet what it’s going to look like, but we do know that it’s going to be exciting and different from what you would expect a digital marketing company to post about. 

We have been making and publishing IG Reels for a handful of weeks now, but we think that where we can really start bringing in more publicity is through one of our strongest assets, video production. Our reels obviously are made with the highest quality in mind, but we aren’t getting all we want to say out there, (and trust me, we have PLENTY to talk about). Preston has a pretty extensive background in podcast production, and with his knowledge there combined with what I’ve learned through being a creator on TikTok, there is a massive potential for us to start putting out longer tailed content. 

If you haven’t seen it already, we have our first video out already and would love for you to check it out by clicking here!

In the spirit of filling you in on what’s going on with us, our 2021 has been filled with a lot of new opportunities and challenges thrown at us. We have been steadily increasing our client base to help us learn more about different niches and markets around the area. Through rather unexpected timing, we have also been able to significantly increase our workload this year as we have much more time than we did back in 2020. 

Our organization is ran to help you and your business grow. Plain and simple. Just like how we want to help change your business for the better, you deserve to know how we are changing ours. 
If you have any questions for us or want to just dive into some of the new stuff we have been putting out, feel free to click here to check out our Instagram with a ton of new reels content. Or if you want to subscribe and check out some of our longer videos, you can view that by clicking here. We also post weekly blogs to show you all the newest tips in the Digital Marketing space.