Brand Identity

 Pristine visual communication for you and your business.

What IS brand identity?

And why does my business need it?

Your brand identity is what others think of you; it shows off who you are as a company. It’s more than a look, it’s an emotion. Brand identity is your voice, your calling.

Customers look for companies who evoke confidence that their product or service is top quality. A strong brand identity will say, “this is what I do, this is what I’m about.” You want your customers to identify with your brand and feel that it aligns with what they are about.

Why is brand identity important?

It is the foundation of marketing. Brand identity will make every aspect of your marketing strategy easier. Having an established identity will give you a better understanding of what your campaigns will look like. This will give you a narrowed target, making it easier to hit your goals.

How do We create a brand's identity?


We learn about your company and your values. We aim to understand what makes your business tick.


Following the consultation, we research what your brand has done in the past. We also research competitors to understand the market.

Mood Board

We take all of this information and give you several options of the same material, but with variations (such as fonts and colors) to invoke specific emotions.


After deciding on the mood, we begin making mock-ups. Once you are satisfied, we begin to roll out your new identity.