In our last blog, we introduced our new YouTube channel and explained our purpose behind it. In episode #2 of the Nifty Experience, we covered one topic: “How often should your business post on social media?” If you’ve ever met with a marketing agency, they typically ask you, “Why aren’t you posting more content?” Many have no idea where to start or what is considered as content. The good news is that whatever is consumed online is deemed as content. There are several different mediums you can use to create content. If you plan your content out well, you can repurpose the same content in any medium!

It is best to identify what your purpose is with your social media channels. Are you trying to create viral posts, sell products/services, create awareness, or a combination of all three? 

Once you identify your social media accounts’ purpose, you will need to take an inventory of your current accounts. The majority of businesses start with just a Facebook account, then add on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc. The platform you are on will determine how frequently you need to post. 

With accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you can post 2-3 times per week and get plenty of interaction and follower retention. If you sell a product, you probably use Tik Tok or Instagram as your primary social media channel; posting 5-6 times a week would be a good target. If your business has many products, you can highlight a couple of products per week while also creating posts about promotions or community impacts. If you sell 1-10 products, using the power of video on Tik Tok or Instagram can go a long way in showing your product’s reliability.

Posting 15-25 times a month with original content can be very daunting and time-consuming. If you are a small company with little bandwidth, start slowly creating content and gradually add more as your team can handle the extra work.