Get to Know Nifty (OLD)

Nifty Solutions is comprised of a small and closely knit circle of individuals who are passionate about what they do, and passionate about giving their best to you. Get to know who you are working with today. Read all about us below!

Preston Wetherington

Co-Founder & CEO

The heart and soul of Nifty Fifty Solutions. A diehard Liverpool FC fan, intuitive content writer, and professional videographer for well over a decade–Preston is your go to guy for all things Nifty.

Preston formulated the Nifty Fifty Brand back in the mid-2010s by turning his lifelong hobby of videography, into a full-time career. After some time creating a bevy of corporate and wedding films, Preston had his brand recognized by the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce and then sought to expand the company known today as Nifty Fifty Solutions.

In his free time, Preston enjoys watching soccer, playing board games, and travelling with his wife, Brittany.

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Will Raines

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Starting significantly ahead of the curve, Will first started working in digital advertising at the age of 17. Will has made a name for himself in the SEM and SEO communities in his 4+ years in digital marketing by doing work primarily in the automotive and non-profit world.

Will was brought onto the Nifty Fifty Solutions team in mid-2019 to help expand the Nifty brand and provide simple, new, and effective digital strategies to new and existing clientele.

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Brittany Wetherington

COO/Business Manager

Brittany is the reason Nifty Fifty Solutions is a well oiled machine. She brings her organizational excellence to the table while managing the operations side of the business. She ensures all deadlines are being met, all contracts are in order, and the lights are being kept on.

Brittany is also pursuing her Masters in Psychology at Texas A&M Commerce. In her free time, Brittany enjoys painting, playing board games, and exploring new places with her husband, Preston.

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Jeremy jones

Graphic Designer

Jeremy is a graphic designer from a small town called Justin, TX. He has several years of design experience and specializes in branding, logo design, digital graphics, packaging, page layout, and much more. When he isn’t drawing on his iPad or watching soccer, he is more than likely cuddled up with his corgi on the couch. 

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