About Nifty Fifty Solutions (OLD)

Nifty Fifty Solutions was founded in 2017 with the hope to be a new pioneer in relational based digital marketing and video production. Most agencies today struggle to truly capture the voice of their clientele, and it’s even more difficult to find businesses that prioritize a genuine customer relationship. With Nifty Fifty Solutions, we pride ourselves on getting to know the people we work with, and spreading the word about their business across the most effective digital platforms.

From commercial real estate to small business endeavors, we believe we can capture every aspect of your business that is important to you.

You might not have heard of Nifty Fifty Solutions before, but you will be thankful you did after hearing how much our clients have loved partnering with us.

Our Testimonials

“…trustworthy, thorough, and abundantly kind. Hiring Preston would be one of the best decisions you [could] make…”

Ashley Martin – The Big Fake Wedding

“Had a great experience! Preston was awesome to work with and he went over and beyond to deliver us a great video!”

Chris Robinson – FBC Colleyville

“Preston is a great guy and fun to work with. He’s a team player with great people skills [and] his strength is in his creativity.

Koby Dickenson – SBTC

We know how to bring success to our clients. It’s time to take your business to the next step by partnering with Nifty Fifty Solutions.

Let’s build something together.

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